Welcome to the site! This is a wiki of student materials for UC Berkeley classes. This site is for you to learn, to study, and to enjoy the breadth and depth of knowledge available on campus. Please upload or link to any resources that you find useful! Examples include study-guides, cheat-sheets, and online tutorials and notes.

How to use / Disclaimer

Use the left sidebar to navigate to a particular class. (Remember: if you're using this site to study, remember that sometimes the act of making cheat-sheets is better than the cheat-sheet itself!)

How to contribute / Please help!

You can edit any page! On the right side, click the pencil icon. You do not need an account, but feel free to make one.
There is a built-in text editor. Also, a plugin is installed so you can use Markdown. Here's a great 15-minute tutorial on Markdown.

Adding files

While editing, there should be an image of a picture frame with help-text “Add images and other files”. From there, upload! Try to use a filename with your personal name on it (like kunalmarwaha_math1A.pdf), and give yourself (or the document author) credit when linking it on the wiki.

My course isn't listed!

Please edit the sidebar to make a new page with your course.

Please do NOT post content that you did not write. Please do NOT post exams on this website unless given specific permission by the instructor.

Other idiosyncracies

Crosslisted courses: In the sidebar, list the course in each department, but direct to a single page. Use CS C191/Physics C191/Chemistry C191 as an example.

I want to help!

I would love any help or feedback with this project! Feel free to email me at marwahaha@berkeley.edu .

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